What we do.

California’s state legislators make decisions on issues affecting our daily lives and yet less than half those decisionmakers are women. The California Women’s List PAC is changing that.

We’re fundraising for, supporting, and electing more women to state office. Issues like education, healthcare access, voting rights, equal pay, gun violence, immigration, and economic inequality affect the lives of women more disproportionately yet female legislators comprise only 24% of the State Assembly and 28% of the State Senate. We’re committed to female candidates who provide leadership on these issues and help represent the multitudes of Californians that believe in a more equal California.

The California Women’s List PAC also works to surround female candidates with a vibrant network of dedicated women and men supporting women in the political arena.

The California Women’s List team, dedicated to electing women to California state office:

Erica Kwiatkowski, President

Shwetika Baijal, Vice President

Kate Maeder, VP of Political Strategy

Tara McCarty, VP of Finance and Development

Amy Chen, VP of Digital

Alex Hack, Director of Media & Content

Maddie Franklin, Director of Millennial Engagement