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The Grace Society is a donor club created to celebrate and engage California Women's List's incredible supporters who contribute at least $50 a year to support our candidates. As part of The Grace Society you’ll receive a members-only newsletter, discounted tickets to CWL events, and access to special members-only events. 


We named the society after the late Grace Dorris, one of the first four women to be elected into the California Legislature in 1918.

A teacher in Kern County, Grace pushed for shorter working hours for domestic workers and created the first public defender’s office for indigent defendants.


As California Women’s List continues to fight for more female representation in state politics, we couldn’t think of a better namesake for our donor club than Grace Dorris.


You can join The Grace Society by clicking here to donate $50 or more today

You can also become a part of The Grace Society by becoming a monthly donor for $5 or more a month for at least one full year.

Your contribution will help California Women's List continue to lead the way in supporting and fundraising for women running for office across the state.

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