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2022 Endorsed Statewide Candidates

2022 Endorsed Senate Candidates

Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis.jpg

Eleni Kounalakis

Lieutenant Governor

Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber.png

Dr. Shirley Weber

Secretary of State

Malia Cohen_State Controller.jpeg

Malia Cohen

State Controller

6_Paula Villescaz_CA Senate District 6.JPG

Paula Villescaz

Senate District 6

8_Angelique Ashby_SD 8.jpg

Angelique Ashby

Senate District 8

10_Aisha Wahab_CA Senate District 10.jpg

Aisha Wahab

Senate District 10

20_Caroline Menjivar_CA Senate District 20.jpg

Caroline Menjivar

Senate District 20

28_Lola Smallwood Cuevas_SD 28.jpg

Lola Smallwood-Cuevas

Senate District 28

36_Kim Carr_SD 36.jpeg

Kim Carr

Senate District 36

38_Catherine Blakespear_SD 38.jpg

Catherine Blakespear

Senate District 38

4_Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry_AD 4.jpeg

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

 Assembly District 4

9_Stephanie Nguyen_AD 9.jpg

Stephanie Nguyen

Assembly District 10

11_Assemblymember Lori Wilson_AD 11.jpg

Lori Wilson

 Assembly District 11

    12_Sara Aminzadeh_AD 12.jpg

    Sara Aminzadeh

     Assembly District 12 

    13_Veronica Vargas_AD 13.png

    Veronica Vargas

     Assembly District 13

    18_Assemblymember Mia Bonta_AD 18.jpg

    Mia Bonta

    Assembly District 18

    22_Jessica Self_AD 22.jpg

    Jessica Self

    Assembly District 22

    27_Esmeralda Soria_AD 27.jpg

    Esmeralda Soria

    Assembly District 27

    30_Dawn Addis_CA Assembly District 30.jpg

    Dawn Addis

    Assembly District 30


    Candidates and Endorsements

    Each campaign cycle California Women’s List endorses women running for office with a primary focus on the state legislature and statewide races.


    CWL endorsed candidates are tenacious leaders who champion equality and social justice on behalf of their communities.We are proud to support these incredible women.

    2022 Endorsed Assembly Candidates

    35_Dr. Jasmeet Bains_AD 35.jpg

    Dr. Jasmeet Bains

    Assembly District 35

    39_Andrea Rosenthal_CA Assembly District 39.jpg

    Andrea Rosenthal

    Assembly District 39

    40_Pilar Schiavo_CA Assembly District 40.jpeg

    Pilar Schiavo

    Assembly District 40

    42_Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin_AD 42.jpg

    Jacqui Irwin

    Assembly District 42

    44_Assembly Member Laura Friedman_AD 44.jpg

    Laura Friedman

    Assembly District 44

    47_Christy Holstege_CA Assembly District 47.jpg

    Christy Holstege

    Assembly District 47

    56_Assemblymember Lisa Calderon_AD 56.jpg

    Lisa Calderon

    Assembly District 56

    60_Esther Portillo_AD 60.png

    Esther Portillo

    Assembly District 60

    62_Tina McKinnor_AD 62.jpeg

    Tina McKinnor

    Assembly District 62

    65_Fatima Iqbal-Zubair_AD 65.jpg

    Fatima Iqbal-Zubair

    Assembly District 65

    89_Janet Foster_CA Assembly District 89.jpg

    Janet Foster

    Assembly District 69

    70_Diedre Nguyen_AD 70.jpg

    Diedre Nguyen

    Assembly District 70

    73_Assemblymember Cottie Petrie-Norris_AD 73.jpg

    Cottie Petrie-Norris

    Assembly District 73

    80_Georgette Gomez_AD 80.png

    Georgette Gomez

    Assembly District 80

    2022 Endorsed Local Candidates

    Annalisa Perea_Fresno City Council District 1.png

    Annalisa Perea

    Fresno City Council District 1

    Karen Bass_LA Mayor.jpg

    Karen Bass

    Mayor of Los Angeles

    Marina Torres_LA City Attorney.jpg

    Marina Torres

    Los Angeles City Attorney

    Supervisor Hilda Solis_LA County Supervisor District 1.jpg

    Hilda Solis

    Los Angeles County Supervisor District

    Lindsey Horvath_Los Angeles County Supervisor District 3.jpeg

    Lindsey Horvath

    Los Angeles County Supervisor District 3

    Eunisses Hernandez_LA City Council District 1.jpg

    Eunisses Hernandez

    Los Angeles City Council District 1

    Katy Young Yaroslavsky_LA Council District 5.jpeg

    Katy Young Yaroslavsky

    Los Angeles City Council District 5

    Monica Rodriguez_LA City Council 7.jpg

    Monica Rodriguez

    Los Angeles City Council District 7

    Dulce Vasquez_LA Council District 9.jpg

    Dulce Vasquez

    Los Angeles City Council District 9

    Kate Pynoos_LA City Council District 1.jpeg

    Kate Pynoos

    Los Angeles City Council District 13

    Council Member Monica Montgomery Steppe_San Diego City Council District 4.JPG

    Monica Montgomery-Steppe

    San Diego City Council District 4

    Cindy Chavez_Mayor San Jose.jpg

    Cindy Chavez

    San Jose Mayor

    Councilmember Maya Esparza_San Jose Council District 7.jpg

    Maya Esparza

    San Jose City Council District 7

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